Visual merchandising is a silent, but incredibly important form of customer service communicating your brand values . You can not make your team to speak to your customer every time, but your shop windows and store visual merchandising speaks to the customer at all time, subliminally. To give correct message to your customer, you should create integrated visual merchandising and shop windows.

What RC Turkey offers to you ?

We review visual representation of your store and products from commercial and aesthetic perspective, redefine it with a touch of creative directors in order to create a stimulating shopping experience and maximise sales.

Concept creation and decoration , theme and continuous stories  for shop windows.
Overall store visual merchandising services.
Vm material supply ; mannequins, hangers, decorative units, props, risers , price cubes, blocks and all other vm materials.
Printed material design and supply.

If you’d like to have more information about how RC Turkey can help you to improve your store’s  visual merchandising or execute your current setup please get contact with us at