While entering into a new market or reviewing your current business, making a comprehensive study is the key of success. We provide detailed market analysis, business plan and strategy for the brands & retailers entering in Turkish Market or those expanding their current operations.

What is  our methodology ? 

Product & brand analysis ; we analysis your brand to understand what it stands for, who is your customer, what would be the best way for you to enter into market.

Competition analysis ; we make a study for stores &brands on same level with your brand to give better understanding you about their structure, market penetration level and location.

Pricing setup ; we ensure setting up optimum price level for your brand with correct mark up that is both competitive and profitable.

Customs knowledge ;  we prepare an info package for customs regulations, needed documents , duty and tax amounts, labelling requirements and more.

Business model defining ; we ensure fair trade rules for the best profitable business partnership , defining best fit for your brand with our market knowledge.

Legal & commercial advice ; whether  we develop a commercial contract agreement for you or we modify yours with the business needs.

Sales budget & business plan ; we prepare first year sales budget, opening stock budget and annual buying budget to ensure safe and successful start for your business.


If you’d like to have more information about how RC Turkey can help you to develop correct strategy while entering Turkish Market  please get contact with us at contact@rcturkey.com